How does this website work?

On Prostock.Tennis you can create a free account and offer your tennis rackets for sale at a price you determine yourself. You should only offer good quality tennis rackets. Interested parties can contact you directly based on your contact details or the contactform; questions are directly sent to you by email, and they are listed in the website messagingsystem. As a seller, you determine the final sales price, payment and shipping with the buyer. In case of shipment, we recommend prepayment by bank transfer. In case the buyer comes to pick up the racket, you can also opt for cash payment.

How much does it cost to list my tennis rackets for sale here on Prostock?

Prostock.Tennis does not charge any fees to buyers and sellers, the use of the website is free. Sellers have the non-binding opportunity to additionally promote a racket on the website for a small fee with that supports this website. Our goal is becoming a marketplace for tennis enthusiasts that is 100% focused on buying and selling tennis rackets.

How is that possible, completely free?

If Prostock.Tennis catches on, we may eventually post ads and sponsorshiplistings on the website to generate revenue. That is not yet the case, our first goal is to make Prostock.Tennis a lively site where tennis rackets are bought and sold. However, any sponsor or advertiser already interested in a collaboration with Prostock.Tennis is welcome anytime!

I registered, but I do not receive an account activation email?

As the email is sent automatically, email providers quickly mistake the email for an unwanted message. Therefore, always check your junk mail folder. If you find the email there, mark it as a non-junk message and add our email address to your contacts so future emails will arrive OK.

How do I know if the buyer or seller is reliable?

The data of every seller who registers is checked. If you have doubts because of the information or communication with the seller, we invite you to inform us so that we can take action if necessary. When in doubt, always be careful with paying in advance. Being a reliable platform is essential for Prostock.Tennis. In order to achieve that, it is imperative that we only allow reliable buyers and sellers. That is something we closely monitor in collaboration with our users.

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